Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama-ween or Obama Halloween

Obama Halloween

This year, have an Obama Halloween!

Do the following when kids come to ‘Trick or Treat’ at your door:

1. Tell them that you are celebrating an ‘Obama Halloween’

2. Collect each child’s bag of goodies.

3. Dump all of the bags together, explaining to the children that we should all be willing to share.

4. Remove approximately 1/3 of the candy and tell the children that this will go to needy children who aren’t able to afford costumes to ‘Trick or Treat’ in.

5. Put equal amounts of the remaining candy into each child’s bag, explaining to them that it wouldn’t be fair for anyone to have significantly more candy than another.

6. Congratulate them on their willingness to participate in “Change,” then close the door.

Ignore any crying, wailing or indignant outcry. These ungrateful children are greedy, fascist tea-baggers who don’t believe in America.

Happy Obama Halloween!

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