Thursday, July 28, 2011

> Two Prostitutes - $50.00.

> Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on top of their car
> which said:
> Two Prostitutes - $50.00.
> A policeman, seeing the sign, stopped them and told them they'd either
> have to remove the sign or go to jail.
> Just at that time, another car passed with a sign saying:
> One of the girls asked the officer, 'How come you don't stop them?!'
> 'Well, that's a little different,' the officer smiled, 'Their sign
> pertains to religion.'
> The following day the same police officer noticed the same two hookers
> driving around with a large sign on their car.
> He figured he had an easy arrest until he read their new sign:
> Two Fallen Angels
> Seeking Peter --$50

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was at the
store yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan!
I asked him how it was
going and if he was into
making any more movies.

He told me
that he could no longer make any more
movies as he had severe
arthritis in both shoulders
and could no longer swing

from vine to tree.

I asked how Jane was doing, he told me she
was in bad shape, in a nursing home,

has Alzheimer's
and no longer recognizes anyone. How sad.

I asked
about Boy,
and he told me that Boy had gone to the big city,
got hooked up with bad women, drugs, alcohol,
and the only times he heard from him was when
he was in trouble or needed something.

I asked about Cheetah,

he beamed and said she was doing very well.

She married a lawyer, had some plastic surgery,

and now lives in the White House!!!


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